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Gorgeous postable art for any occasion!

Each card comes individually wrapped with an envelope and a cello bag for protection.

18 cm(H) x 12cm (W)

About Rachel Carroll 

As an Australian environmental Artist for more than 20 years, I love painting about the environment for the environment.

My artwork often evolves after a new location has been explored at length.

In one location I may begin a new series of birds. In another location the light may be the inspiration.

Birds have always been a focus.

I see birds as the barometers of a location; they signify a healthy eco-system.

When I travel to a new destination I am quick to obtain a bird list for the region and start my observations. I try to count the birds I see and

the variety of species.

I am most interested in personality so each artwork is an expressionistic view of each unique bird.

My landscapes seek to find the essence of a location.

The feeling of space and bright colour in this country is forever an inspiration.

And if it inspires everyone to drive to our rural communities and spend time and spend money there, then I feel as an artist I have done my