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For those who want to experience quality and delightful handling with their ballpoint pen as well, even if only to quickly note something – a ballpoint pen from the Otto Hutt collection is a must-have: The new-edition Design 06 wins you over with even better workmanship. The caps are crafted from solid aluminium. The characteristic spring clip and the rounded contours and surfaces, milled with special diamond tools, make for a perfect feel. The colourfully varnished and multi-laminate surfaces ensure a fantastic writing experience thanks to very pleasant handling. The fitting parts of the ballpoint pen are laminated with highest-quality platinum. This protects the surfaces and gives the pen its distinct shine.

Admirers of Otto Hutt writing instruments place value on individuality and uniqueness – this is exactly why they buy them: Every Otto Hutt brand product is unique, carrying a six-digit code, also engraved into the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, always, everywhere, unequivocal, and – for a lifetime.