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Enzo Miccio and Angelo Garini, partners in an event planning company with offices in Paris and Milan, have an eye for both the sweeping gesture and the subtle detail. Trained as an interior designer and an architect, respectively, Miccio and Garini create weddings that have the beauty and drama of a stage setting, where the story is centered on the personalities of the bride and groom. In this gorgeous book, Miccio and Garini-who host their own wedding show on Italian television-present 18 of the romantic, lyrical weddings they've planned in spectacular locations throughout Italy.

Whether they take place in an ancient theater, a seaside abbey, a Tuscan villa, or Venice's Piazza San Marco, each wedding is an elegant and unique creation. More than 400 stunning photographs capture the locales, as well as the flowers, cakes, table settings, and decorations, for each celebration. Overflowing with ideas for sophisticated and stylish touches that can be incorporated into weddings large and small, this is a dream book for those planning their own special day.

Format: Hardcover

Publication date: 01/10/2009
Pages: 239
Dimension: 293mm x 253mm