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Lifelike Oasis: Top 10 Tips for Choosing Fake Plants in Interior Styling with Bowerbird On Argyle

27 Jul 2023
Lifelike Oasis: Top 10 Tips for Choosing Fake Plants in Interior Styling with Bowerbird On Argyle

Incorporating greenery into interior styling has a transformative effect on the ambiance of a space. While real plants are a popular choice, they require maintenance and care. For those seeking a low-maintenance yet equally captivating alternative, fake plants offer a lifelike solution. When choosing fake plants for interior styling, it's essential to consider factors like quality, style, and placement. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top 10 tips for selecting lifelike fake plants to bring the outdoors inside, and we'll discover how Bowerbird On Argyle offers the highest quality artificial plants, available for national purchase via online shopping.

Prioritize Realism and Quality

When choosing fake plants, the first and most crucial consideration is their realism. Look for high-quality artificial plants that mimic the appearance and texture of real foliage. Bowerbird On Argyle's collection boasts lifelike fake plants crafted with attention to detail, ensuring an authentic and visually stunning addition to your interior space.

Opt for Variety in Species

Just like real plants, incorporating a variety of species adds interest and depth to your interior. Choose a mix of fake plants with different leaf shapes, sizes, and colors to create a diverse and appealing indoor garden.

Consider the Material and Construction

The materials used in crafting fake plants determine their longevity and appearance. High-quality artificial plants from Bowerbird On Argyle are made from durable materials that retain their shape and color over time, providing a lasting and fresh appearance.

Assess the Foliage Density

The density of the foliage is an essential aspect to consider, as it directly impacts the realism of the fake plant. Look for plants with full and lush foliage to mimic the vibrancy of real plants.

Pay Attention to the Pot or Planter

The pot or planter holding the fake plant is as important as the foliage itself. Choose pots that complement your interior style and enhance the overall visual appeal of the plant. Bowerbird On Argyle offers a wide selection of stunning pots and planters to elevate the presentation of your fake plants.

Mind the Scale and Proportions

Consider the size of the fake plant in relation to the space it will occupy. A large, eye-catching plant can become a focal point, while smaller plants are perfect for adding touches of greenery to shelves and corners.

Evaluate UV Resistance

If you plan to place your fake plants near windows or in outdoor areas with exposure to sunlight, opt for UV-resistant options to prevent fading and maintain their lifelike appearance.

Consider the Placement and Lighting

Before choosing fake plants, determine the location and lighting conditions of the space they will inhabit. Some fake plants are better suited for low-light areas, while others thrive in well-lit spaces.

Mix Fake and Real Plants

Combining fake plants with real ones adds depth and authenticity to your indoor greenery. Bowerbird On Argyle offers a diverse collection of both fake and real plants, allowing you to create a captivating blend of both in your interior styling.

Bowerbird On Argyle's Exceptional Collection

Bowerbird On Argyle takes pride in offering the highest quality and most lifelike fake plants for your interior styling needs. Their vast selection includes a wide range of species and styles to suit every interior aesthetic, from modern and contemporary to traditional and eclectic.

Choosing fake plants for interior styling is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. 

Lifelike fake plants offer the same visual appeal as real ones without the maintenance requirements, allowing you to enjoy greenery all year round. When selecting fake plants, prioritize realism, variety, and quality to create an enchanting indoor garden. Bowerbird On Argyle's exceptional collection of lifelike fake plants provides an array of species and styles, ensuring a stunning addition to your interior spaces. With their national online shopping option, you can conveniently explore their extensive selection and transform your home into a lifelike oasis. 

Embrace the versatility and beauty of fake plants, and let Bowerbird On Argyle be your go-to destination for premium artificial greenery to create a natural and inviting ambiance in your living spaces.

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