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August 2021

11 Oct 2021
August 2021







How to Style your Bar Cart

A bar cart can turn an empty living room corner into the life of the party. A stylish bar cart requires a little more attention than setting a cart against the wall and loading it up with bottles. A bar cart lets you put your style on display and showcase your favorite spirits and glassware. 
Here’s what we suggest to help you get the most out of yours.

1. Location

One of our favourite ways to style a bar cart is to position it below a focal piece of art. This way your bar cart can truly become a focal point in your home. Generally, it's best to have your cart in the living or dining area where it'll be used for entertaining guests.

2. Statement Barware

Take the time to find a few statement pieces, this could be an ice bucket, highball glasses or even an old chain mesh soda Syphon. This will instantly make your bar cart stand apart from the others.

3. Use High & Low Pieces

Start styling the top shelf, implement one tall accent piece like a vase with foliage or a tall bottle if your bar cart is likely to stay stationary. Once the beauty is in place it’s time to add your practical items like decanters, glassware or your favourite nightcap.

4. Add Quirk

Bar carts are a great place to have fun with decor! Little pops of colour or small decor pieces will do wonders in making your cart feel like it's a part of your room's design.


How to add a masculine touch to your space.

At Bowerbird on Argyle, we love masculine interiors but there's often a misconception that these spaces should be dark, modern, and moody. We want to share with you some of our favorites, and show how you too, can achieve these looks. 



Leather is one of those quintessentially masculine materials that works in just about any space that aims for a manly aesthetic. Large pieces like Chesterfield sofas or side chairs are the perfect anchor pieces for masculine spaces, bringing a timeless, classic feel that you can build on with various textures, accessories, and art.


Perhaps even more than leather in masculine spaces are a mix of textures, with an emphasis on hard, rough, or weathered surfaces. Natural materials such as stone and unfinished wood are always the first choices for creating a space with a rough-hewn, masculine feel. Brick walls are another perfect fit, adding color as well as texture.

Also, on the man-made side of the equation, metallics continue to be a preferred texture. A smooth-finished counterpoint to rough stone, brick, or wood, metallic finishes can be used in small doses through accessories and lighting fixtures, or on larger pieces.


Masculine rooms tend to have strong, simple lines and rarely contain curvy, intricate pieces.  Aim to choose pieces with simple, angular elements.  Geometric shapes play a big role in the design; think graphic artwork or rugs.  Fabrics with a classic pinstripe, plaid or herringbone pattern give a nod to menswear and create interest without feeling fussy.  Remember when accessorizing, less is more!

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