July 2020

July 10, 2020

July 2020 - Bowerbird on Argyle

Winter in the Highlands is well & truly here. We've got the fire stoked, the big coats on.  We can't get enough of the sunny crisp days right now! 



Introducing our Winter Windows

Bowerbird on Argyle's  Boss Lady, Karen shares her inspiration for this seasons new front windows.

'Looking towards the interiors forecast for Europe 2021-2022, I was drawn to this particular colour palette. 

The natural and grounding colour tones or burnt orange, yellow, green, teal and baby blues resonate cosy plushness, calmness and tranquility. 

If  ever there was a time to invite these feelings into our home it's right now! I have seen first hand with our styling clients what a positive impact the right colours, art and furnishings can have on people.' 



The Latest Drop

Check out our new arrivals here at Bowerbird on Argyle. We're certain you'll find something perfect just for you! 



Creating the 'complete' look in Canberra 

Our lovely client from Canberra had not long completed the renovation of her home.

The timeline pushed out way beyond what was expected and having remained in the home throughout the works she was certainly ready for the fun part of styling to begin.

By briefing us over the phone and sending us a detailed video of the space using her iphone, multiple visits were not necessary. This project was a hybrid of e-design and in-person styling which worked well for our client. 

The modular sofa was in great shape and from a high quality furniture company however our client was not sure if the lime colour translated from her Queensland home to her new home in Canberra. 

We created a colour palette that incorporated lime and the new finishes of the home. Style influences included mid century and art deco. By introducing a few new key pieces we were able to create a brand new look without discarding all of the existing furniture.

The end result was a unique, cohesive look that made a warm emotional connection with our client and complemented the renovation, ready to sit back and enjoy.

Just hit reply to this email if you’d ready to start your own interior styling project with Bowerbird on Argyle or call 02 48681125.


5 steps to luxing up your home this winter


1. Texture

Our top tip for adding instant warmth to any room is with rich tactile materials such as velvet, sheep skins and heavy linens found in rugs and cushions. Right now at Bowerbird on Argyle we are loving our new velvet cushion in burnt orange and yellow, and the very versatile Tibetan lambs wool throw.

2. Ambiance 

The simple act of lighting a candle in your favourite scent adds an instant feeling of indulgence. We stock a quality selection of candles, which you can check out here 

3. Books

The books here at Bowerbird on Argyle are full of beautiful interiors, travel inspiration and artistic photography. They also double as styling accessories and bring any coffee table alive! 

4. Rugs

Nothing anchors a room more than a rug and are key to zoning areas especially in open plan spaces. Adding a rug to your seating area creates a warm inclusive feeling, especially our ‘loopy’  rug made from New Zealand wool and hand loomed in India.

5. Pamper 

Taking time out to pamper yourself at home is a lovely way to relax in the cooler months. Have you experienced the benefit of dry brushing such as detoxing the skin, improving circulation and removing dry dead skin? We now stock a range of brushes and oils. We also have lots of bath soaks and scrubs plus cosy robes, perfect for relaxing 

Feel free to get in contact if you'd like help turning up the luxe at your home this winter. 

Karen, Nancy & The Bowerbird on Argyle Team xoxo



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