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Why you need great art in your home now

18 Feb 2020
Why you need great art in your home now - Bowerbird on Argyle


Make your space uniquely yours. 

Bringing original or hard to find art into your space gives your home its own individual look. There are a lot of generic prints available to buy from chain stores right now but why not dare for something different.


Provoking thought and conversation

Art should be more than something that coordinates with the sofa cushions. Art can ignite inspiration, recall memories, calm and nurture, and be a welcome talking point for your guests.


The human touch 

So many items within the home these days are manufactured in factories on a large scale. Having art handmade or designed by humans creates warmth and personal touch to any space. 


Bringing the world home 

Having art  from another place in the world can take you back to a favourite travel experience or introduce colour and styles from other cultures. 



At Bowerbird On Argyle we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unique art that they can take home and create a unique space all of their own. 

Featured art: 

  1. ‘What a galah, he thinks he’s one of us’ by Gordon Richards, Acrylic on Linen 
  2. ‘The orange pencil’ by Young & Battaglia, Canvas
  3. ‘Out of Africa by Jane Courtney, pastel and pastel pencil. 
  4. ‘Lemonade’ by Gordon Richards, Acrylic on Linen


If you’re looking for that unique artwork for your space, get in touch with us today. 


Karen & Nancy xoxoxo

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